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Asan Cat Pure 10 l/192

Asan Cat Pure 10 l/192

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Litter for short-haired cats and ferrets that effectively neutralizes odors and absorbs moisture• w...


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Litter for short-haired cats and ferrets that effectively neutralizes odors and absorbs moisture
• with Lapur odor lock to seal the odor in the litter
• now with improved moisture absorption up to 450 %
without dust, added dyes and perfumes *

* possible colouring and light smell of the litter is determined by the properties of the input raw material for recycling

Advantages of litter:
• Asan bedding effectively removes odors from around the cage or breeding box
• Asan is 99 % free of dust and airborne allergens, so it is also suitable for breeders with allergies and asthma
Absorbs moisture with maximum efficiency and seals it inside (it works from the bottom and the surface of the bedding thus remains dry and pleasant to the touch for animals)
• The bedding is very light and easy to handle, even for children
Litter does not create wet, gooey mud, the traces of which are difficult to remove from floor coverings
• Thanks to the less frequent need to change Asan bedding, it saves household expenses
• Asan litter is safe for farmed animals and household members
• Asan is environmentally friendly because it is created through recycling

Instructions for use:
Fill the cat toilet with a layer of litter at least 4 cm high and spread it evenly on the bottom of the toilet. When switching from the original bedding to the Asan bedding, it is better to initially put a small part of the previously used bedding on the surface of the Asan to get used to the new material. Once a substantial portion of the litter is soiled, replace the contents of the toilet with a clean one. The litter consumption time is proportional to the size of the toilet, the number and age of the animals kept. For a medium-sized adult cat, depending on the circumstances, the litter will last in the toilet for at least 1 week, and the entire package will last for approximately 30 days.

Package: 10 l

QTY/pal: 192 pcs/pal

Product weight: 2 kg
Dimension of pack: 43 x 26 x 15 cm 

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