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About us

TommiLand (

Having an animal companion is a matter of the heart. Living with animals is an enriching experience associated with unforgettable experiences and feelings, but also a great responsibility. With our products and services, caring for pets is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. We increase self-confidence and make life easier for breeders and their pets.

Who are we? 
We are a successful producer, trader and distributor of wide range of pet products operating on the European market for more than 30 years. Pet business is our beloved hobby and our job, our passion and our mission. With joy, enthusiasm, respect and humility towards our business field we fulfill expressed and unspoken wishes of pet lovers and breeders of all age groups, starting from the very beginners to the most experienced professional breeders.

What do we do?
We bring up own products, design fashion cuts of our own, bring up own technologies and recipes. We develop brands, follow and co-create latest trends, present novelties of the industry to our customers. We love animals and share their optimistic, uncomplicated worldview. Devotion, love and sincere care represent the aspects by which we measure each of our steps. Health, happiness, comfort and security of all pets are our unquestionable goal.

Our mission
We mediate the most beautiful in the relationship betweeen men and animals – mutual trust, love and respect. Same values make up the key to our business relations.

Our production
We are a producer of an own unique patented top-quality ecological litter with exceptional absorption capacity and surprising user friendliness – Asan.
We developed a complete product line of the pet cosmetics according to own recipe – Tommi Cosmetics.
We designed own original, well-fitting and most comfortable cuts of the clothes for dogs – Doggies Fashion Line.
We offer own proven, high-quality modern brands covering a wide range of pet products.

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For a nice life of pets

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