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The shipping and payment method including the price will be specified by the export department after the order is placed

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Export & logistic policy

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Export conditions can be changed by Tommi CZ s.r.o. without prior notice. The Tommi product range is available at website

By sending the order, the customer accepts the supplier's export terms. The order becomes valid at the moment of its acceptance by the supplier and by written confirmation of its receipt delivered to the customer. Goods are the property of the supplier until full payment of the goods by the customer. The goods that the customer buys from Tommi CZ s.r.o. is not allowed for resale in Czech Republic market territory

Minimum order value: 1 000 EUR

B2B access: Current prices are accessible to the customer after logging into the B2B system, the login information will be provided by Export Manager Tommi, contact - The customer's registration is not enforceable and the granting of access to B2B is under the responsibility of the Export Manager Tommi CZ.

Price policy: The prices are EXW Tommi CZ - Za Nadrazim 2569/11, 397 01 Pisek (office); u Vodarny 1506, 397 01 Pisek (warehouse) 


1) Quantity discount

Orders exceeding the value of EUR 5.000

Orders exceeding the value of EUR 10.000



Quantity discounts do not apply to goods already discounted and cannot be combine with pallet discounts.

2) Pallet discounts
for litter and hygiene supplies for animals:

◘  Asan litters - Full truck or FCL (full container loaded) shipment conditions are available upon request.

◘  Cat Step litters - Full truck or FCL (full container loaded) shipment conditions are available upon request.

◘  Puppy Field super absorb pads - Full truck or FCL (full container loaded) shipment conditions are available upon request.

◘  Presslay pet litter 14l - 10 % on single purchase of 3 or more pallets (96 pcs/pal)


Payment terms:

◘  All the invoices are payable before delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing.
◘  Payments are required in advance by the bank transfer (T/T) with the bank charges set up as OUR.

The goods will not be shipped until the full amount of the payment is obtained in our bank account.

Delivery time: 7 days for products available on stock, other goods according to the current supplier's possibilities. The pick-up date for the entire consignment is only indicative. The delivery time is notifi ed to the customer upon receipt of the order.

Logistic standard and support:

Following customer's request we are able to provide logistics support and, in case of agreement, we will arrange the transportation of the goods to the customer by the contracted carrier. The transportation costs are paid by the customer together with the payment of the goods.

Charges for customs services related to consignments exported outside the EU are at the expense of the supplier only if the value of the goods exceeds EUR 3.000,-.

If a veterinary certificate accompanying an exported consignment is required, the fee for the documents will be communicated to the customer upon request.

Wooden pallet price list:

Disposable pallet : 8€ / pallet
Europallet (category B/B+): 15€ / pallet
European pallet fumigated (treated): €25 / pallet

The shipment is ready to be shipped after the invoice issuance. The free storage time at supplier's warehouse is 7 days. Every other day of storage is charged 6 EUR/pallet.

In case that the shipment is not picked up by the customer within 14 days from the invoice issuance, the contract is cancelled and the customer is charged for the storage, unless insurmountable obstacles occur on customer's side.

Private label production
We offer a production under a private brand of the customer of:

◘  cosmetics for dogs and cats Tommi Cosmetics
◘  aquarium and terrarium sands

Terms on request.

For a nice life of pets

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