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Let us take an opportunity to wish you a pleasant Christmas holiday,
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Dear Customer,
From 27nd December to 4th January 2019, we will have annual stock-taking in our company and respond to your orders would not be possible.
We accept last orders Monday 10th December, followed with shipment latest on Friday 21nd December.
Orders received in the system at the time of stock-taking will be processed from January 4th 2019.


Complete food for outdoor birds in net for hanging. Ingredients: wheat, fat, sunflower seeds, bar...

07116 Seed balls for wild birds /200pcs/exp. 11/2020

Complete food for outdoor birds with hook for hanging. Ingredients: peanuts min.60%, fat, calcium,...

07117 Seed & nut titbits for wild birds /15pcs

- Glass aquarium - Including lighting system with 15W lamp Tank capacity: 58 L Colour: black Dimensi...

05084 Aquarium Resun SM 600

Textile bed for small dogs and cats - with removable double-sided cushion (light ply) - non-slip fab...

01030 Pet´s Bed Donut grey

Textile bed for small dogs and cats - with removable double-sided cushion (light ply) - non-slip fab...

01029 Pet´s Bed Donut brown

Designed to separate and remove debris from aquarium gravel. Length: 210 cm

04623 Sediment separator UnionStar 210cm

Premium cat litter. - natural, non-toxic litter - dust-free and unallergic - safe for pets and chil...

03526 Catwill Maxi pack 6,8kg/2pcs (prev.16l)

We produce only from safety and certified materials - plates of E1 category, plush with a density o...

034643 Resting place Traviata, grey colour

Natural roots from real wood, only dried. Suitable for terrarium and for aquariums too. Packed acco...

04712 Spider wood S

Hay for rodents. - 100% natural product - Food supplement needed especially in winter months - Sourc...

06282 Presslay meadow hay 50 l/4

Willow bed rounded - suitable especially for cats and small dogs with surface treatment in Provence ...

00913 Wicker basket round 50x50x17cm

A series of shining collars for dogs. - for good visibility of the animal in the dark and its safe m...

02477 LED collar, USB rechargeable/size L 50-60cm/ orange

Short-lasting concentrated food to use in aquarium during short-term absence. The food slowly dissol...

05186 Prodac Weekend

The new range of stainless steel dishes for dogs and cats - stainless steel bowl set in a durable pl...

017372 Enjoy! 0,85l /red
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Ecological litter for small domestic animals



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