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Dear Customers,
let us to take an opportunity to wish you a pleasant Christmas holiday, health and well-being.
We look forward to further cooperation in 2018.

Dear Customers,
from 22nd December to 5th January, 2018, we will have annual stock-taking in our company and respond to your orders would not be possible.

We accept last orders Friday 15th December, followed with shipment latest on Friday 22nd December.
New orders will be receive by our system only from 5th January 2018.

Popular open toilet for cats with raised rim in an attractive design LUXURIOUS. Dimensions: 51 x 39,...

03202 WC Hercules 50 cm LUX

100% natural chewing delicacy - Part of dental hygiene - Reward and entertainment - Supplementary do...

00204 Natural rawhide bone 10 cm/50pcs

Sturdy toys for cats made of natural materials, in the shape of a fish and a mouse. Safe, without ...

03139 Natural Only - fish and mouse

Folding trike suitable especially for small dog breeds, dog seniors or sick dogs. Widespread use: m...

01162 BUBBLE CAR three-wheel petīs stroller

We produce only from safety and certified materials - plates of E1 category, plush with a density o...

034640 Resting place Traviata, bordeaux red colour

Meat mini bones with chicken meat and liver delicious taste. Benefits Wagg delicacies: - Ideal for t...

00109 Wagg Tasty Bones/7

Aquarium decoration - old vase Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 8, 5 cm

04745 Old vase PO-041

Wooden feeder for outdoor birds. Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 28 cm

07492 Feeder for outdoor birds type C

Magic bowl Hailea - energy-efficient LED lighting - flexible & freely bendable lamp arm - full view ...

05076 Magic bowl Hailea silver
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