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07226 Granum stick for parrot - honey 2 pcs

07226 Granum stick for parrot - honey 2 pcs
product code: 07226
EAN: 8590350893411
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Granum sticks delicacy for birds are very tasty treats, nutritious food and toy at the same time.

In the wild, birds are in constant motion, must fly many kilometers every day, constantly seek, climb, peck before they find some food. The lack of action in the cage suffer psychologically.
Delicacy stick Granum, hanging in the cage, provokes the activity of birds and forcing them to individual pieces of vegetables and grains gained.
Delicacy sticks are made from quality ingredients, enriched with minerals and vitmíny.

cereals, seeds, derivatives of vegetable origin, sugar, fruits, minerals, vitamins A, D and E, biotin, potassium iodide, copper oxide

Packaging: 2 pieces

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