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00638 TC Wintry Paws Cream 100ml

00638 TC Wintry Paws Cream 100ml
product code: 00638
EAN: 8595166706382
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Cream for the protection of dog paws. Protects the interdigital spaces and pads of dog paws.
The waterproof film protects the skin from icing, snow or mechanical abrasion.
Cannabis extract has soothing properties.
Hydrates and softens

Advantages of Tommi cosmetics:
- inspired by a modern lifestyle, love of animals and respect for the environment
- do not contain any parabens, animal oils or silicones
- hypoallergenic recipes
- enriched with natural organic substances
- does not irritate and has a positive effect on the skin and fur
- are not tested on laboratory animals
- created in collaboration with veterinarians and dermatologists
- Czech product
- in environmentally friendly packaging with respect for the environment

Instructions for use:
Apply in a sufficient layer on the underside of the feet and between the toes.
Suitable for preventive use.

Packaging: 100 ml

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