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00547 Giom with Calcium 200g,Dog,Cat

00547 Giom with Calcium 200g,Dog,Cat
product code: 00547
EAN: 8594156050634
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• Contains calcium citrate, which is the best absorbed form of calcium
• The product is suitable for puppies of medium and large breeds, pregnant and lactating bitches and in the period of old dogs
• Calcium maintains healthy teeth, bones and helps prevent osteoporosis or thinning of the bones
• Can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of fractures or other bone injuries
• Administer for at least 1 month (After consultation with a veterinarian, the dose may be tripled).

Also suitable for cats.

• Composition in 1kg:
Calcium Ca180 g
Magnesium Mg 6 g
Vitamin D3 10000m.j.
Vitamin K3 5 mg
Manganese Mn 1200mg

• Dosage (give daily):
1-1.5g per 15kg live weight per day. 1 level measuring cup is 15-20 kg. The measuring cup is part of the package.

Package content: 200 g

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