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Resun KING 4F 90w, 4.5m

Resun KING 4F 90w, 4.5m

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Fountain KING 4F• different types of attachments for various water effects• great importance for li...


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Fountain KING 4F

different types of attachments for various water effects
great importance for life in the pond (the pump ensures the movement of water in the tank and the water passing through the fountain cleans the surface, thereby oxygenating the water of the pond and preventing the overgrowth of algae)
• fountain displacement with a powerful and reliable pump up to 4,5 m
• equipment: attachments for King fountains
• number of attachments in the package: 4
• designed for extensions V3 - 3/4", V4 - 3/4", R3 -3/4", F3 -3/4"

Technical data:
power consumption: 90 W
performance: 4 200 l/h
displacement: 4,5 m

Packaging: 1 pc
B2B packing: 6 pcs/box

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