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Resun KING 1 5w, 380l/h

Resun KING 1 5w, 380l/h

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Powerful submersible pump KING 1• multipurpose pump• can be installed in a horizontal or vertical p...


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Powerful submersible pump KING 1
multipurpose pump
• can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position
works submerged, but if the flowing water is sufficiently cooled (max. pumped water temperature 35°C), it can also be used outside the tank
ceramic shaft in a plastic case ensuring a long life of the rotor
filter material that captures impurities before the pump suction
suction cup bridge for fixing on smooth surfaces
• for use inside and outside the water column

Common nozzles (thread, hose clip) can be connected to the pump outlet.
After removing the filter cartridge with the cover, the inlet hoses can also be connected to the pump unit, so that the pump can also be used for external pumping.
The pump unit has a ceramic rotor axis and a ceramic casing - it can be used for both fresh and sea water.
The metal part of the rotor is coated with plastic.

Technical parameters:
power: 5 W
performance: 380 l/h
displacement: 0,9 m
output diameter: 11, 13, 14 mm
dimensions: 78 x 42 x 55 mm

Package: 1 pc
B2B package: 30 pcs/box

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