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Resun external filter EF-800, 18W, 800l/h

Resun external filter EF-800, 18W, 800l/h

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EF 800 series filters were created for optimal aquarium filtration in combination with mechanical a...


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EF 800 series filters were created for optimal aquarium filtration in combination with mechanical and biological elements.
The filter is adaptable to other filter components and can be used in its general and specialized form by both advanced and novice aquarists. The motor is hermetically sealed and filled with epoxy and therefore requires no further maintenance. The filter is functional even in a closed space.
The filter creates excellent surface agitation and therefore water oxidation if it is placed near the top of the aquarium. The outlet unit can be safely placed with suction cups anywhere in the aquarium. This is how carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen itself. Wherever you decide to place the outlet unit, in any case, a strong enough current will be provided to keep the water moving.
There are no moving parts in the engine. The only link in motion is the rotor. The filter offers several filtering alternatives.

external aquarium filter designed for tanks of smaller volumes
• patented design
• improved construction preventing possible water seepage
• simple hose handling system for easy maintenance and cleaning
start button a unique venting system without the use of suction balloons
good performance, low consumption and low noise
• large filtration capacity, mechanical, chemical and biological filtration enabling the growth of beneficial nitrobacteria in filter media
• inlet and outlet valve connected in a compact base - simple handling during cleaning
ceramic shaft with a long service life
• simple installation
closable valves preventing backflow of water
• intended for effective filtration in fresh water and marine aquarium tanks

4 filter media included:
stiffened filter wool
• activated carbon
• ceramic rings
• plastic bio balls
A part of the package:
• suction basket
• hoses
• suction spray stick
• suction cups

Technical data:
power consumption: 18 W
performance: 800 l/hour
dimensions: 230 x 230 x 400 mm (width, height, depth)

Package: 1 pc
B2B package: 2 pcs/box

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