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Declaration of access

How to enlarge the text?

The most widely used browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari) support Ctrl + +/- or Ctrl + shift of the mouse wheel.


For the print of the pages a new special print size has been created. Pages can be printed with the help of the internet browser, or with the help of label "print" which can be found on the bottom end of every page.

Keyboard abbreviations

This internet shop supports individual internet abbreviations. And moreover you can use keyboard abbreviations 5-7 (shopping basket, log-in and log- out of the registration).

0 - Content of pages
1 - Declaration of accessibility (help list of the keyboard abbreviations)
2 - Main page
3 - Map of pages
4 - Search
5 - Shopping basket
6 - Log-in, log-.out
7 - Registration of the customer

How to use the keyboard abbreviations?

Internet Explorer: Left alt + Shift + No. of the keyboard abbreviation, after that press the key "Enter".
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari: Left alt + Shift + No. of the keyboard abbreviation .
Opera: Shift + Esc + No. of the keyboard abbreviation.


In any case of the problems with the accessibility of contents or functionality of this internet shop contact, please, SOFICO-CZ. a. s. company on the address

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