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Means for cleaning cages with disinfectant. Application: The composition is applied without further ...

00624 Deta Cage Disinfectant/31pcs

Supplementary food for turtles, aquarium fish and exotic birds - GAMMARUS Feeding instructions: fee...

05145-1 Apetit gammarus 500g

Supplementary food for birds, small mammals and reptiles, fish and poultry - MEALWORM Feeding inst...

05147 Apetit mealworm 60g/12

Supplementary food for birds, small mammals and reptiles, fish and poultry - MEALWORM Feeding inst...

05147-1 Apetit mealworm 500g

Formable bridge made of round woods suitable as an accessory to the cage (climbing frame, and shelt...

06165 Wooden bridge for rodents, long, 7x60cm (little logs)

Feed stuff for outdoor birds. Feeding instructions: as required by birds. Ingredients: sunflower bla...

07114-1 Mix for outdoor birds 20kg

Complete food for outdoor birds in a net to hang up Ingredients: wheat, fat, sunflower, barley, ...

07118 Sonnenland seed balls, bucket 3 kg (30pcs)

Sunflower black - sunflower seeds for direct feeding or feed addition. Sunflower seeds are an excell...

07205 Granum black sunflower seeds 1 kg/10pcs
temporarily unavailable

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, A, B, vitamin B, zinc, selenium and iron....

07207 Black sunflower/pack 40 kg
temporarily unavailable

Supplementary mineral feed for birds, a valuable source of minerals, important for bones build and...

07248 Apetit bird grit 500g/6

Sand for all species of birds, helps hygiene in the cage, supports digestion, serves as a source ...

07249 Apetit bird sand 500g/6

Plastic feeder for outdoob birds - for small and outdoor birds (for outdoor use only) - can be built...

07330 BLOB drinker/feeder external 1l

Small plastic feeder for small exotics for attachment to the cage Dimension: 9 x 6 cm Capacity: 20 m...

07337 Mini feeder for birds (E6037)

Toy for small exotic birds. Length: 28 cm

07388 Color rings with bell (E6010)

Hanging toy for small exotics with a mirror. Size: 9 cm Colour mix

07390 Bird toy hanging on a semicircle - mirror
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