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Vitamin and mineral suppl.

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Herbal medicine, which is used as part of anti diarrhea measures arising from errors in animal nutr...

00520 Dietan 120g

Giom Acute movement problems - high content of natural substance MSM, which has a beneficial effect...

00538 Giom Acute movement problems 60tbl, dog,cat

Giom Intensiv joint nutrition - intensive nutrition of articular cartilage. - preventing joint probl...

00541 Giom Intensiv joint nutrition 60tbl, dog, cat

Giom Multivitamin - suitable for puppies throughout their growth. - supports the correct course of p...

00542 Giom Multivitamin 60 tbl. dog, cat

Giom for fur - high content of biotin, zinc and vitamin E. - for healthy skin development, shine a...

00543 Giom for fur 60tbl, dog,cat

Giom with calcium - contains calcium citrate, which is the best absorbable form of calcium. - the p...

00544 Giom with calcium 180tbl, dog,cat

- for healthy skin development, shine and proper coat colour. - regenerates skin and counteracts ne...

00546 Giom for fur 200g,dog,cat

It contains calcium citrate which is preferably absorbable in the form of calcium. The product shoul...

00547 Giom with calcium 200g,dog,cat

100% natural oil from Norwegian salmon - high quality, cold pressed, free of impurities - very val...

00550 Salmon oil 100% ZEUS, 1l

CET enzymatic toothpaste with poultry flavor for dogs and cats. Toothbrush for animals with soft bri...

00690 CET toothpaste with poutry flavour 70 g

Complementary pet food for cats. Prevents the build up of hair balls from swallowed hair. Instructio...

03314 Malt paste on digestion Trixie 100g

Complementary pet food for cats. Prevents the build up of hair balls from swallowed hair Instruction...

03315 Malt paste on digestion Trixie 240g

Seed for this cat grass is high quality barley. The grocery bowl that is part of the product include...

03328 Gimpet cat grass 100g
temporarily unavailable

Mixture of grains for sprouting of grass for cats in original boxes. Equipped with the hanger for ra...

03330 Grass for cats Tommi box 60g

Supplementary cat food Ingredients: cereals, fats and oils, sugar, dried whey, poultry meat, fi...

03337 Mlsoun praline salmon cat 40g/18pcs
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