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Herbal medicine, which is used as part of anti diarrhea measures arising from errors in animal nutr...

00520 Dietan 120g

Fountain for chickens No.58. Capacity: 1, 5 l Available in different colour of bottom part

07356 Drinker for chicken 1,5l/20

Nest-egg from unburned earth for laying hens

07730 Nest egg for hens

Chicken leg rings are mostly used to distinguish the age or designation of the breed. The ring adapt...

07732 Rings for hens

Mineral feed additive for pigs, dogs and poultry. Packing: 1 kg

07752 Plastin 1kg

Mineral supplement for horses and livestock. Packing: 1 kg

07753 Vitaplastin forte 1 kg

KONVIT NEO is a vitamin feed additive especially for young domestic animals. Regular preventive appl...

07754 Konvit neo food supplement 1 kg

Vitamin-mineral product for poultry. Packing: 1 kg

07758 Roboran D for poultry 1 kg

Supplement feed for laying hens. - increases the laying, fertility and hatching of hatching eggs - ...

07770 Nutri Mix for laying hens 1 kg

Nutrimix for laying hens is an additional feed for hens, turkeys, ducks, geese and beads. - incre...

07771 Nutri Mix for laying hens 3kg

Supplement feed for fattening of poultry. Packing: 1 kg

07772 Nutri Mix for fattening of poultry 1kg

Supplement feed for rabbits. Packing: 1 kg

07775 Nutri Mix for rabbits 1kg/10

Supplement feed for pigs. Packing: 1 kg

07776 Nutri Mix for pigs 1kg/10
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