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Granum - Vitamin pearls with honey The combined vitamin-mineral product, its composition meets the ...

06001 Vitamin pearls for small rodents 20g

Granum - Calcium pearls for rodents Mineral product manufactured by granulating of the grounded eggs...

06002 Calcium pearls for small rodents 20g
temporarily unavailable

Supplementary feed for rodents and rabbits. - contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids - large amounts of ...

06021 Granum konopík 60g/10

Karotík - carrot sticks for rodents A rich source of natural vitamins It favorably influences the or...

06022 Granum carroty 60g

Granum Beety - sticks with beetroot for rodents - from natural ingredients without the addition of a...

06023 Granum beety 60g

Řepík - alfalfa sticks for rodents - with a high content of large amounts of natural chlorophyll, v...

06024 Granum lucerne 60g

Mixík - lucerne and vegetable sticks for rodents Very tasty mixture of carrot, alfalfa and beetroot...

06025 Granum mix 60g

Granum - honey sticks for guinea pigs Granum delicacy sticks for rodents are very tasty treats, nut...

06031 Granum stick for guinea-pig - honey 2 pcs

Granum - vitamin bar for guinea pigs Granum delicacy sticks for rodents are very tasty treats, nutr...

06032 Granum stick for guinea-pig - vitamin 2 pcs

Granum - vitamin bar for chinchillas Granum delicacy sticks for rodents are very tasty treats, nutr...

06033 Granum stick for chinchilla - vitamin 2 pcs

Granum - a mix of delicacy for rodents 200g Delicacy mix for rodents with dried fruit and vegetables...

06038 Granum delicacy mix for rodents 200g
temporarily unavailable

Granum - premium for hamsters Complete food for hamsters. Ingredients: cereals, dried vegetables an...

06040 Granum premium hamster 500g

Complete food for guinea pigs. Ingredients: cereals, dried vegetables and fruits, products of vege...

06041 Granum premium guinea pig 500g

Granum - premium for rabbits Complete food for rabbits. Ingredients: Dried fodder crop, cereals, o...

06042 Granum premium rabbit 500g

Granum - premium for chinchillas Complete food for chinchillas. Ingredients: of dry forage crops, c...

06043 Granum premium chinchilla 500g
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