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Spray neutralizes and covers odour of bitches in heat and then decreases favour of unwanted suitors....

00632 Ruden Spray 175ml Trixie

Keep off spray for dogs and cats designed for flat, household or garden. Instructions for use: spra...

00633 Keep off Spray 175ml Trixie

Repulsive product for dogs with high efficacy. Prevents dogs from nibbling and polluting and other o...

00634 Spray Against Nibbling 175ml Trixie

Application of Anti-Kot prevent walking your dog or cat in certain place. In familiar territory of g...

00635 Garden Protection Spray 500ml Trixie

Smooth gel for gentle and effective cleaning of tear stains and around the eyes of dogs Thanks to th...

00668 TC Tommi Eye Gel 200 ml

Gentle gel for regular dogs ear cleaning. Gently and effectively releases dirt and earwax. Thanks to...

00669 TC Tommi Ear Gel 200 ml

CET enzymatic toothpaste with poultry flavor for dogs and cats. Toothbrush for animals with soft bri...

00690 CET Toothpaste with Poutry Flavour 70 g

Finger tooth brush for dogs and cats - regular care prevent gum from bleeding - 2-in-1 = tooth and m...

00692 Finger Tooth Brush 2pcs

Silicone brushes for dental hygiene for dogs or cats. Soft brush allows sensitive, even effective ca...

00693 Toothbrushes Silicone on Finger 2 pcs

Double-side tooth brush for dogs and cats. - prevent formation of tartar - regular care prevent gums...

00694 Tooth Brush Double-Sided/2pcs
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