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At Wagg we have been working hard for over 20 years to provide your dog with a healthy combination of nutritious ingredients at outstanding value. We produce a range of dog food to suit different dietary requirements and a range of tasty dog treats.

We don't add artificial colours or flavours to our food and all our dog food products contain antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system.

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Meaty treats - small bones in 3 delicious flavours: chicken, beef and lamb. Wagg treats benefits: -...

00100 Wagg Training/Beef&Chicken&Lamb/7/

Meaty treats - croquettes in 2 delicious flavours: lamb and rice. Wagg treats benefits: - baked for ...

00101 Wagg Sensitive Treats /7pcs

Meat treats - croquettes in 3 delicious flavours: chicken, ham and beef. Wagg treats benefits: - ba...

00102 Wagg Tasty Chunks/7pcs

Mini bones with chicken and cheese Wagg treats benefits: - ideal for training and puppy training - b...

00103 Wagg Training Treats chicken+cheese/7

Meaty treats - treats in 2 delicious flavours: turkey and rice. Wagg treats benefits: - baked for ev...

00106 Wagg Low Fat Treats/7

Meat treats for puppies with indicated individual portions, which are easy to be separated. Suitabl...

00108 Wagg Puppy n´Junior/7

Meat mini bones with chicken meat and liver delicious taste. Benefits Wagg delicacies: - ideal for t...

00109 Wagg Tasty Bones/7

Dental treats for dogs with chicken and parsley - care for healthy teeth , gums and fresh breath - s...

00110 Wagg Dental Small Bites Chicken&Parsley/7

Dental treats for dogs with lamb and mint - care for healthy teeth , gums and fresh breath - small s...

00111 Wagg Dental Small Bites Lamb&Mint/7
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