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EXPIRATION 04.08.2023
Cat Step Tofu Original 5,4kg 12l /3

Cat Step Tofu Original 5,4kg 12l /3

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Extremely high-quality biodegradable and clumping Cat Step Tofu bedding. • made from soybean meal• ...


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Extremely high-quality biodegradable and clumping Cat Step Tofu bedding.

• made from soybean meal

• excellent absorption capacity

• absorbs odors perfectly

• is non-toxic, does not contain any chemical additives and is completely safe for animals and their owners

• lumps immediately disintegrate in the water, just pick them up with a scoop and flush them into the toilet

• not perfumed - ideal for cats highly sensitive to unnatural odors and for their owners who prefer products without added odor


Unique features of Cat Step Tofu bedding:

flushable to the toilet - soy fiber, which is the basis of CAT STEP Tofu bedding, is easily soluble in water, so the bedding can be safely flushed to the toilet after use. 

Thanks to its natural origin and easy degradability, it can also be used as a

garden fertilizer.

• soybean-based - soybeans are a natural and environmentally friendly material that does not require the use of any other chemical components in the production of 

bedding. The product is hypoallergenic and completely safe for animals and


• large lumps - thanks to the fibrous structure of soybeans, large lumps are easily formed by the action of the liquid, which are easily separated from the rest of the litter and 

removed from the cat toiliet

• odor under control - exclusive biotechnology optimizes bedding stickiness and facilitates clumping, thus improving and accelerating the absorption of fluids and 

unpleasant odors.

Method of use:

Put Cat Step Tofu litter in a layer of 3-5 cm into a dry and clean toilet. Remove lumps regularly. After removing the dirt, add new litter.

Note: Lumps need to be rinsed out in small quantities.

Ingredients: soy fiber (tofu), food starch, water

Packaging: 5,4 kg / 12l

• B2B package - 144 pcs on pallet



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