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Cat Step Crystal Fresh Mint 1,67kg 3,8l / 8

Cat Step Crystal Fresh Mint 1,67kg 3,8l / 8

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Cat Step Crystal Blue silica gel litter for cat toilets • immediately absorbs moisture and eliminat...


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Cat Step Crystal Blue silica gel litter for cat toilets

• immediately absorbs moisture and eliminates odors
• the litter is non-toxic and completely safe for animal and human health
• crystals permanently block odors and prevent their spread
• contains green granules and has a neutral scent, after contact with the liquid, a delicate refreshing scent of mint is released
• litter is not suitable for flushing in the toilet

Unique features of Cat Step Crystal litter:
• exceptional absorption capacity - the porous structure and large surface of the crystals ensure high absorbency and a long-lasting ability to repeatedly absorb liquids
• odor under control - silicate effectively prevents the release of unpleasant odors by rapid and effective absorption of fluid and its closure inside the crystals
• antibacterial effects - due to its inorganic origin, this litter effectively prevents the formation and multiplication of bacteria, which are the main source of unpleasant odors
• easy to use - Cat Step requires minimal attention. With Cat Step Crystal, you don't have to constantly check the condition of your bedding and clean your bedding container daily

Method of use:
1. Put Cat Step Crystal litter in a layer of 3-5 cm into a dry and clean toilet
2. Regularly remove solid extremes and mix the litter so that the fresh crystals are evenly distributed,
3. After about 4 weeks, dispose of the used litter and add new ones to the washed and dry toilet

Recommendation: If you have two or more cats, it is recommended not to raise the litter layer, but to change the litter more often.

Security precautions: Do not throw used litter into the toilet bowl. Always wash your hands after contact with litter.
Store the filling in the original packaging in a dry place out of reach of food.

Composition: 100 % silica gel

B2B package: 336 pcs on pallet

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