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Asan Petit 4,5 l/192

Asan Petit 4,5 l/192

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"Easter" Asan Petit GO is a litter for small rodents such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc. The litt...


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"Easter" Asan Petit GO is a litter for small rodents such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc.
The litter is packed in a practical bag with an ear and is also supplemented with a nice 
gift in the form of 3 tasty hearts for your pet.

ODOUR Control - extraordinary absorption of odors
Free of dust, added dyes and perfumes
Absorbs moisture quickly and for a long time and thus extends the interval of changing the bedding
• One package for 60 days (for one hamster in a medium-sized cage)
• House made of ecological material as a bonus

Advantages of Asan litter for rodents:
• Absorbs odors exceptionally well
• Asan litter absorbs moisture well and dehydrates pet excrement in seconds
• Dust-free, without added dyes and perfumes, which are common allergens
• Minimal litter weight, even children who take care of the animals can handle them
• Low consumption: on average up to 5x lower than with mineral bedding, i.e. that saves the household budget
• Asan litter is environmentally friendly, the raw material is not mined, no trees are cut down for it, it is made of pulp
• Asan bedding is harmless to health, does not create an environment for the growth of bacteria, does not cause coughing and does not irritate the mucous membranes, therefore it is also suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
• Well being: the constantly dry surface of the bedding for rodents ensures comfort for the animals being kept
• granules with a diameter of 4 mm

Instructions for use: Fill the rodent cage with a layer of bedding approx. 3 cm high and spread it evenly on the bottom of the cage. The time of litter consumption is directly proportional to the size of the cage and the number and age of the animals kept.

Tip: After the bedding is used up, the packaging will serve as a house for your pet, but it is not a substitute for a cage, tank or other quarters.

Package: 4,5 l
Weight: 1,3 kg
QTY/ctn: 16 pcs/ctn
QTY/pal: 192 pcs/pal

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