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Replacement cartridge for internal aquarium filter Hailea MV-100. Package: 2pcs

037101 Hailea filter refill for MV-100

Filter media for Magi Jet 200B, foam / active carbon.

037651 Filter media for Magi 200B

Filter media for Magi Jet 380B, foam / active carbon.

037652 Filter media for Magi 380B

Filter media for Magi Jet 700B, foam / active carbon.

037653 Filter media for Magi 700B

Filter media for Magi Jet 1000B, foam / active carbon.

037654 Filter media for Magi 1000B

Foam refill for Magi Jet 200.

03766 Refill for Magi Jet 200, KING MINI

Foam refill for Magi Jet 380.

03767 Refill for Magi Jet 380

Foam refill for Magi Jet 700.

03769 Refill for Magi Jet 700

Foam refill for Magi Jet 1000.

03770 Refill for Magi Jet 1000

Replacement cartridge for corner filter GF800 , made from nonwoven textile. For fine mechanical fil...

03774 Refill FC05 with active coal GF800
temporarily unavailable

Membrane Hailea ACO-6600

bez fotky

Membrane Hailea ACO-6601

bez fotky

Membrane Hailea ACO-6602

bez fotky

Membrane Hailea ACO-6603

bez fotky
temporarily unavailable

Membrane Hailea ACO-6604

bez fotky
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