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Apetit Vitality snack with carrot 80g/12

Apetit Vitality snack with carrot 80g/12

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Delicious, tasty and crunchy food for rodents and dwarf rabbits• made only of natural ingredients w...


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Delicious, tasty and crunchy food for rodents and dwarf rabbits
made only of natural ingredients without dyes, preservatives, no added sugar, gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free, GMO-free
excellent digestibility and palatability
 suitable for all types of rodents and rabbits
 packed in a bag with a ZIP closure
 made in Czech Republic

It contains a high proportion of carrots, which contain many vitamins and other useful substances, the most important of which are ß-carotenes - dimers of vitamin A. It is also rich in fiber and antioxidants.
Fodder carrot root contains 13-17 % dry matter, 0,8 % protein, 9 % starch units and remarkable amounts of almost all vitamins. The content of beta-carotene (4-8 mg per 100 g of dry matter) is very important, which is converted into vitamin A in the animal's organism.
In general, mammals are unable to synthesize carotenoid substances and must obtain them through food.
Lack of beta-carotene leads to growth retardation and reproductive disorders, in rabbits it worsens the course of coccidiosis, but also the course of many infections, especially infectious rhinitis.
Also, the content of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E in the fodder carrot root is higher than in other roots and, together with the higher content of bone-forming elements (Ca, P), has a favorable effect on the growth and health of young animals and breeding animals.
At the same time, it positively affects conception and the rearing of young.

Feeding instructions: add as an addition to the feed to diversify the feed ration (treat as a reward), dosage up to a maximum of 25 % of the feed, ensure the animal has enough drinking water.

Ingredients: corn, dried carrots, calcium carbonate (feed limestone), sodium chloride (feed salt up to 0,25 %).

Package: 80 g/bag
B2B package: 12 pcs/bags

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