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07321 Granum sand for exotic birds 1100 g/12pcs

07321 Granum sand for exotic birds 1100 g/12pcs
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Granum sand with mussels - a necessary supplement to the diet of birds with a fresh aroma of anise.
Ensure a clean and healthy bird home.
Pure natural product.

Sand in the stomach allows food to be mellowed, shells are a powerful source of natural calcium and trace elements, important for proper metabolism, bones and feathers
Anise gives the sand a fresh scent.
At the same time sand is an important hygienic need.
At the bottom of the cage it creates a natural surface.
Grains of sand serve to grind the beak and the claws of the feet.
High-quality raw materials were used to produce this product.
Fine siliceous sand with rounded edges, mined from the deposit, created 130 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.
Crushed oyster shells, which are a rich source of natural calcium and trace elements.

Recommended dosage: Pour the sand into the bowl and bottom of the cage. Birds instinctively supplement the amount of sand in the stomach to digest the diet. In the cage, the sand creates a natural hygienic litter. Change the sand in the cage 1 to 2 times a week. Sand must be available to birds at all times.

Composition: siliceous sand, crushed oyster shells, aniseed.

Moisture 2%
Calcium 21,6%

Packing: 1100 g

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