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07205-1 Black sunflower 1 kg/8pcs

07205-1 Black sunflower 1 kg/8pcs
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Sunflower black - sunflower seeds for direct feeding or as a feed additive.

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, A, B, vitamin B, zinc, selenium and iron. Sunflower seeds are the best full-fledged source of vitamin E, which is almost entirely composed of alpha-tocopherol, its most biologically active form. The high content of vitamin B6 improves the quality of hair and increases its shine and prevents it from felting.

Feeding instructions:
Intended for feed production and direct feeding. Suitable as a treat.

Packaging: 8 x 1 kg
Please note: sale is only possible on the whole package (ie 8 x 1 kg). Price for 1 pack. (1 kg bag)

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