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07115 Tommi Ducks & Swans 700ml

07115 Tommi Ducks & Swans 700ml
product code: 07115
EAN: 8595093500565
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Do you also like to feed ducks, swans and gulls? And do you know that you just hurt them with old and hard pastries? At Tommi, we therefore decided, in cooperation with the Apetit company,
to produce the ideal food for feeding wild waterfowl, which will be nutritionally beneficial for them and will not harm them. Tommi Ducks & Swans is therefore an ideal accessory for walks
around the river / pond, which you will want to enjoy with this leisure activity.
And because we love not only animals but also nature, we packed it all in ecological and recyclable packaging.

• Specially developed floating granules (they soften after being thrown into the water but do not get wet)
• Ingredients: corn, wheat, fish meal, beets, alfalfa
• Use: dose in an appropriate amount

Packaging: 120g

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