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06048 Granum for mice 550g/20pcs

06048 Granum for mice 550g/20pcs
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Complete feed for white mice, hamsters and other small rodents. Granum is not just an ordinary food!

Nourishing and very tasty food, made from high-quality matured cereals, seeds, dried vegetable matter and vegetables, enriched with vitamin granules.
Its rich composition ensures the intake of all substances and the trace elements are in optimal proportions.
Animals are in good condition, more resistant to disease, biotin influences have the correct pigmentation, density and shine of the coat.

Ingredients: cereals, seeds, by-products of plant origin, vegetables, minerals, vitamins A, D3, E1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, CuO. With dye E102.

Recommended dosage: Feed the food into a bowl or a feeder. When ripping it, it is necessary to supply fresh drinking water.

Packaging: 550 g

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Ecological litter for small domestic animals



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