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04085 Hailea G8000 pond filter with UVC

04085 Hailea G8000 pond filter with UVC
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EAN: 6920255827648
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Canister pond filter with UV lamp
- For cleaning garden lakes
- For clean water operation
- Full effect on bacteria can be achieved in water at 10 ° C or more
- Including filter fillings

Technical data:
Power: 9W
Flow rate 6000l / h
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Drain: DN 70
Dimensions: 474 x 450 x 498 mm
Suitable for ponds with a maximum capacity of 12 000 l

- Do not use if the temperature drops below 8 ° C or before the frosty weather
- Pour water before storing, thoroughly clean and check for damage
- Store in a dry place

The UV fluorescent lamp is designed to kill algae and bacteria in a pond. Even in small amounts, radiation is harmful to the skin.
Never use the UV lamp outside the device or if the cover is damaged. It is forbidden to use a filter for any purpose other than that specified.

- Do not use for pumping liquids other than water
- Do not switch on the appliance to dry, the rotor seat will be ejected
- Do not use for commercial or industrial purposes
- Do not use in conjunction with chemicals, food, flammable or explosive substances.

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