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03541 Asan Petit 5l/300

03541 Asan Petit 5l/300
product code: 03541
EAN: 8594073071163
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Asan Petit is bedding for small rodents such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc. The litter is packed in a practical bag with an hand

• ODOR Control - exceptional odor absorption
• Free of dust, added dyes and perfumes

Advantages of litter for rodents Asan:

• Absorbs odors extremely well
• Asan bedding perfectly absorbs moisture and dehydrates pet excrement in seconds
• Dust-free, without added dyes and perfumes, which are common allergens
• Minimum weight of litter, they can be handled by children who take care of animals
• Low consumption: on average up to 5 times lower than with mineral bedding, ie. that saves the budget
• Asan bedding is environmentally friendly, the raw material is not mined, trees are not cut down because of it, they are made of pulp
• 100% degradable Asan bedding is environmentally friendly
• Easy and fast disposal as bio waste - you can flush it to the toilet or dispose by composting
• Asan bedding is not harmful to health, does not create an environment for the growth of bacteria, does not cause coughs and does not irritate the mucous
membranes, so they are also suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
• Well being: the still dry surface of the rodent litter ensures comfort for the animals kept

Packaging: 5 l
300 pcs on a pallet

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Ecological litter for small domestic animals


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