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03328 Gimpet cat grass 100g

03328 Gimpet cat grass 100g
product code: 03328
EAN: 4002064407289
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Seed for this cat grass is high quality barley. The grocery bowl that is part of the product includes a waterborne hydro-core that eliminates the need for regular watering.

In day-to-day care of your coat the cat swallows an abundance of hairs that her stomach is unable to digest. In order to get rid of the cats of these hairs, they like the grass to help them with the extraction of these coats of hair. Using normal classical grass, however, due to its hardness can lead to injuries.

Grass for cats Gimpet was bred to ensure that the cat did not hurt when swallowed. Gimpet Hy-Gras is easy to grow. Thanks to the practical bowl that is included in the package and its water-borne hydro-core allowing occasional watering, the fresh grass of your cat will always be available. Make the cat happy and at the same time create a small green corner in the apartment or balcony.

Packaging : 100 g

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