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00676 TC Cat & Kitten Shampoo 250 ml/66

00676 TC Cat & Kitten Shampoo 250 ml/66
product code: 00676
EAN: 8595166706764
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Nourishing shampoo for cats and kittens.
With the addition of almond oil that regenerates the coat and gives it a shine and softness.
The shampoo effectively removes dirt and cleanses dust from the coat. Beautiful and long for skin and hair.

Benefits of Tommi cosmetics:
- inspired by modern lifestyle, animal love and respect for the environment
- they contain no parabens, animal oils and silicones
- hypoallergenic recipe
- enriched with natural organic substances
- it does not irritate and affects the skin and hair
- they are not tested in laboratory animals
- created in collaboration with veterinarians and dermatologists
- Czech product
- in eco-friendly packaging with respect to the environment

Suitable for all breeds of cats and kittens.

Packaging: 250 ml

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