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00643 Proficare antiparasitic shampoo 300ml

00643 Proficare antiparasitic shampoo 300ml
product code: 00643
EAN: 8594169580036
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Soft antiparasitic shampoo for dogs for regular care.
Shampoo Proficare with strong and long term effect against external parasites.
Effective substances kill reliably fleas and lice and help repel ticks and biting insects.
Added pure Australian tea tree oil soothes itching of irritated skin and helps to heal minor inflammation.
Shampoo with excellent washing power.
Due to own composition and neutral pH is the most friendly to skin and coat.
After using the coat is soft, shiny and easy comb.
Suitable for all dog breeds.

Instructions for use:
Adequate amount of shampoo apply on to wet coat, evenly spread and foam. After that wash the coat thoroughly. In case of need repeat the procedure. Finally, dry the coat with towel or hairdryer.

Warning: Do not use for cats and puppies younger than 3 months.
Packing: 300ml

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