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00641 Proficare Shampoo with Conditioner 300ml

00641 Proficare Shampoo with Conditioner 300ml
product code: 00641
EAN: 8594169580012
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Gentle shampoo with conditioner for regular care about coat of your dog
Proficare Shampoo helps to soften and regenerate the coat and makes it easy to comb.
Thanks to delicate formula it does not irritate and dry up the sensitive skin.
After using it the coat is soft and shiny.
Shampoo has excellent washing power.
It is most friendly to skin and coat thanks to its ingredients and neutral pH.

Instructions for use: apply the adequate amount of shampoo to the wet coat, evenly spread and foam. After wards wash the coat thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the process. Finally dry the coat with towel or hairdryer.

Contents: 300ml

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