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00053 MARGUS Biocide Collar Cat 42cm

00053 MARGUS Biocide Collar Cat 42cm
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MARGUS biocide collar against external parasites for cats

- complex natural care for the animal and the environment
- the effective natural substance Margosa naturally repels fleas, ticks and other parasites
- immediate repellent and biocidal effect with long-term effect
- preparations are nontoxic, non-toxic and non-irritating
- with security element "waving"
- effect already 3 hours after application
- protects the animal for at least 4 months
- waterproof
- it does not bother the animal with any perfume - a light herbal fragrance
- their use is also safe for kittens from the age of 8 weeks

Active substance: natural extract of Margosa 0,58 g

Size: 42cm

MARGUS is a registered trademark of Tommi CZ.

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