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Apetit feed is the basic feed for all small rodents. Ingredients: cereals, by-products of plant ori...

06010 Apetit small rodent 800g/6pcs

A complete feed for rodents that contains all the nutrients needed. Ingredients: wheat, corn, clov...

06037 Lucerne rings for rodents 0,5 kg/10pcs

Complete food for hamster. Ingredients: cereals, nuts, seeds, secondary products plant origin, v...

06047 Granum for hamsters 550g/20pcs

To purify the body and promote immunity! COVERS supports immunity, digestion and improves the quali...

062935 Hay with nette,15l
temporarily unavailable

Hay for rodents with herb leaves is suitable for feeding and foraging. Packing: 6 x 15 l (sale possi...

062936 Hay with herbs,15l
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Ecological litter for small domestic animals



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