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Gentle shampoo for puppies especially developed for their sensitive skin and soft coat. Proficare sh...

00640 Proficare shampoo for puppies 300ml

Gentle shampoo with conditioner for regular care about coat of your dog Proficare Shampoo helps to s...

00641 Proficare shampoo with conditioner 300ml

Gentle shampoo with mink oil suitable for regular care of coat of all dog breeds. Shampoo Proficare ...

00642 Proficare shampoo with mink oil 300ml

Soft antiparasitic shampoo for dogs for regular care. Shampoo Proficare with strong and long term ef...

00643 Proficare antiparasitic shampoo 300ml

Gentle veterinary shampoo for dogs with anti-parasitic ingredient, conditioner and cosmetic oil. It...

00646 Lord shampoo Plus 250ml

Veterinary shampoo designed for washing of dogs. Contains collagen and other special substances whic...

00647 Lord shampoo Poodle 250ml

- alternative to liquid shampoos - contained glycerin released thoroughly impurities - removes coat ...

00649 TC Solid shampoo eucalyptus

Shampoo for dogs with fatty ingredients designed to regenerate dry skin and coat. Accelerates regene...

00654 DETA shampoo sulfur 0,5 l

Shampoo for dogs with conditioner, anti-parasite ingredient, repellents, oat protein, panthenol,...

00657 DETA shampoo King

Gentle coat care - Natural product - Original recipe - With dead sea minerals - Gentle shampoo for p...

00670 TC Dog Cosmetic Shampoo Baby 250 ml/60

Coat care with balm - Natural product - Original recipe - Against hair drying - Indoor dogs´ coat pr...

00671 TC Indoor Dog Shampoo 250 ml/60

Gentle shampoo with caring balsam against hair drying and for indoor dogs' coat protection. Contens:...

00671-1 Indoor Dog Shampoo TC 500 ml

Gentle care with eucalyptus extract - Natural product - Original recipe - Against hair drying - For ...

00672 TC  Dog Cosmetic Shampoo Short hair 250 ml/60

Gentle care with balm - Natural product - Original recipe - For easy grooming - For longer and curly...

00673 TC  Dog Cosmetic Shampoo Long hair 250 ml/60

Gentle shampoo with conditioner for frequent washing of long and curly coat of dogs. Contens: 500ml

00673-1 Long and Curly Dog Shampoo TC 500 ml
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