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Refill for Resun CS-400

036931 Refill Resun CS-400
temporarily unavailable

Refill for Resun CS-700

036932 Refill Resun CS-700

Refill for filter RP-200 Packing: 2pcs

036991 Hailea refill for filter RPK-200 / 2pcs

Refill for filter RP-400 Packing: 2pcs

036992 Hailea refill for filter RP-400 / 2pcs

Refill for the RP-600 internal filter. Packaging: 2 pcs

036993 Hailea refill for filter RP-600

Refill for BT-200 Packing: 3pcs

037061 Refill for BT-200/ 3pcs

Refill for BT-400 Packing: 3pcs

037062 Refill for BT-400 refill/ 3pcs

Refill for BT-700 Packing: 3pcs

037063 Refill for BT-700 refill/ 2pcs

Refill for BT-1000 Packing: 3pcs

037064 Refill for BT-1000/ 2pcs

Filling active carbon for HF 2001.

04008 Filling active carbon for HF 2001

Filling active carbon for HF 2002.

04009  Filling active carbon for HF 2002

Sintered glass cylinder media with an excellent porosity for mechanical and biological filtering of ...

04163 Prodac Crystalcil 500g
temporarily unavailable

Vegetable based activated carbon ideal for chemical and biological filtering for both fresh and salt...

04165 Prodac Clarocar 300 g

Is a mix consisting in high-adsorbing resins and coconut carbon, which is physically activated util...

04166 Prodac Aktivkohle plus 400 g

Coarse and strong synthetic fiber for mechanical filtration of fresh and marine water and pond. Pack...

04170 Prodac Filterwatte 100g/12
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